Turner International South Matamah, commonly known as Turner, is a South Matamanian media company and a division of Turner Broadcasting System, a Time Warner company. Founded in 1993 by Ted Turner to manage the South Matamanian versions of Cartoon Network, TNT and CNN Asulo and the distribution of CNN International, the company is now composed by a portfolio of 17 cable and satellite channels. It's headquarters are located in New Gasdrop and its current CEO is Pedro Botelho.


Turner logo


Only used in its website.


Turner International South Matamah
Cartoon Network | Boing1 | Boomerang | Cartoonito | Toonami | TNT | TBS/Adult Swim | TCM | TruTV | CNN Asulo | CNN International2 | HLN | UBF Network2

1Joint-venture wirh Mediaset Matamá do Sul.
2Distribution only.


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