The Shops at SchoorBank is an open-air shopping center owned by the Cyberslandian Business Group. It is located in SchoorBank, New Tel Aviv, West Cybersland, built around Acer Arena, the home of the New Tel Aviv Frogs and the East Cybersland Toads.

In 1986, the first tenant, Toys "R" Us, opened. It became very successful, and by 1987, an Kids "R" Us store opened next to Toys "R" Us. a McDonald's, DEKA and a Jedenica also opened in 1988 in a former jail block, which was one of the only remaining parts of the abandoned Nazi concentration camp that was demolished for SchoorBank Stadium.

In 1994, IKEA was opened on a former landfill near SchoorBank Stadium. Then, in 2001, Kids "R" Us caught fire and burnt down after a employee accidently discarded his cigarette near some clothing in the storage area.

Kids "R" Us was later rebuilt and expanded and after Kids "R" Us reopened, in June 2001, a Showbiz Pizza location opened, replacing a former courtroom, which was one of the only remaining parts of an abandoned courthouse that was demolished for SchoorBank Stadium. Also, in 2001, Toys "R" Us was remodeled into a "Concept 2000" store design. It still remains in this design as of 2014.

The Shops at SchoorBank



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