TV 4 is Yoshi's Island fourth terrestrial channel, after Independent Sociality Television. It was founded in 1984.


TV4 1984

Started transmissions in September 5, 1984.


TV4 1992

This simplified logo began to appear in one colour instead of five. The on-screen identity was designed by Lambie-Nairn. It showed filmed footage of nature (i.e., forests, waterfalls, sunsets, waves, autumn, stars, etc.) and the logo fading in seconds later (surprising, with mirrored footage) and a drop shadow appearing underneath.


TV4 Yoshi Island 1997

The logo was completely overhauled. The lines were removed for the first time, the logo became a ribbon of different shades of orange. It was designed by Scandinavian Design Group. The on-air look was designed in-house, where the logo was formed by surrounding curtains and light waves of warm colours, usually in an animated maroon gradient background. Which was retired in one/all colours.

In 2002, Gédéon designed an updated graphics package.


TV 4 2004

An updated logo was launched in June 1, 2004, with the 20 anniversary of TV4, which simplified the logo turned into color red, and removing the slant. The logo still used as secondary and for print media.


TV4 2009

The logo was slightly modified in July 4, 2009. One part was filled with a darker shade. It was designed by Scandinavian Design Group (again?!).and the graphic design (as of 2009) was created by Dallas Sthlm.

Two years later, new on-screen graphics were designed by ISO Design.


TV4 2014

It was announced in November 1, 2013 that TV 4 would use this logo by New Year's Day of 2014. It used as secondary logo on November 15, 2013. It has a slightly altered 3D effect. The logo will use various colours. In fact, it is already used in promos, ECGs, and their Facebook page. It was fully adopted in January 2014.


TV4 2017