TNT2 is the second channel of Tau National Television, broadcasting children's programs and family programs.




TNT 2 was originally launched by Mediaset, TNT and HBO as a Tau version of HBO's premium channel, Festival. Unlike its American counterpart, it survived into 1992, but due to constant broadcast signal intrusion incidents, one during an episode of DuckTales on Sunday 12th, 1989, where the signal was hijacked by fanatical text messages telling viewers to "join the cool party! :D", the hijackers, now working as technicians for the TNT Plus channel, mentioned that it was a mistake, the channel rebranded as.....

Minimax (Tau)


412px-Minimax logo 2002.svg

Minimax Tau removed classic and recent hit movies, as well as HBO's original specials (known as "Centerstage" featuring stand-up comedy, concert specials and ice skating shows) and documentaries, added US CW-affiliate XETV (it was a Fox affiliate in that time) children's television personality Uncle Murph. Spots and promos filmed by the station camera crew in Tau were used by the network.




In 1997, the licensing contract expired, and Minimax Tau was relaunched as TNT2 and turned into a general entertainment channel.


TNT2 2006


Logo TVE-2

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