Surodecia, officially the Republic of Surodecia (Spanish: República de Surodecia), is a sovereign country in the continent of South Atlansia. Surodecia is a parliamentary presidential republic and currently governed by the President of the Republic of Surodecia, Javier Cruz from the National Party since 2016 and it's a democratic nation since 1984 after the end of the military dictactorship that governed the country since 1967 by a former general officer Francisco Coronado. Its capital and largest city is Borvis, Frentia and its official language is Spanish.


Flag of Surostia (19th)

In 1819, Surodecia gained independence from Latinolia.


Flag of old Surodecia


Flag of Surodecia

Red represents sunrise, yellow represents light or the equator and blue represents the sea and 12 corners of the star represents its 12 provinces. It has a 2:3 ratio between length and width.

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