The West and East Cyberslandian version of Smile of a Child TV, an American Christian-based broadcast television network, was launched by the Trinity Broadcasting Network in 2006. Unlike it's American counterpart, Smile of a Child Cybersland shows commercials. It is broadcast in both English and Polish.


519px-smile of a child svg1

It was the first channel in both Cyberslands to use the Polish TV content rating system. It is currenlty a peace-holder channel.

Programs featured:

  • Thomas & Friends - (Tomek i przyjaciele)
  • Mustard Pancakes - (Keczup Gofry)
  • The Big Garage - (Taksówki w Mieście Aucie)
  • The Wuzzles - (Wuzzle)
  • Zoom (1999 PBS Series) - (Odpalenie rakiety)
  • The Reppies - (Gady Śpiewające)

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