Radio Télévisyün Krytqåstg (RTK, Radio and Television of Cruitastia in English) is Cruitastia's public broadcaster. RTK TV1 broadcasts in Cruitastienese and Icelandic language, RTK TV2 broadcasts in Cruitastienese, Hungarian, and Maori language. RTK Ent broadcasts in English and Cruitastienese language.


NOTE: This article or section does not include the former logo at this moment. You can upload the logo by click here.


RTK 1967 logo


Old Logo of the RTK


Logo of the RTK

The RTK got current look in April 8, 2000.


Rtk 2014
This is the new logo for 2014, announced just in November 28, 2013.
Radio Télévisyün Krytqåstg

RTK TV1 (HD) | RTK TV2 (HD) | RTK Plus | RTK 24 | RTK Internásyē TV

RTK Radio 1 | RTK Radio 2 | RTK Radio 3 | RTK Radio 4 | RTK Radio 5 Kao | RTK Radio 6 Tistgánu | RTK Radio 7 Rock | RTK Radio 8 Jazz | RTK Radio 9 Klasíki | RTK Radio 10 Filüdiffusion | RTK Radio 11 Webradio

RTK Télétexe | RTK DVD

RTK Corporate logo 2014

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