Pizza Hut is the Cyberslandian branch of the fast food restaurant chain Pizza Hut. Operated by CyberBurger Restaurants, Inc. and licensed by Yum! Brands, it is the largest pizza-type fast food restaurant chain in East and West Cybersland. The company sells pizzas, pastas, salads, desserts, and many more in branches across Cybersland.

1967 (test marketing)

Pizza Hut Logo 1955 (1)

In 1967, Pizza Hut opened test locations in the Cyberslands. All of them are still Pizza Huts today, one retaining a classic "red roof" canopy in the back.


Pizza Hut logo old


Pizza Hut

In January 2006, Pizza Hut in Cybersland, along with all Cyberslandian KFC restaurants, and all Cyberslandian Taco Bell restaurants, ended its relationship with Pepsi, opting to sell Coca-Cola and Dr.Pepper products instead.


Pizza Hut 2012 logo

In 2014, all Pizza Hut restaurants, KFC restaurants, and Taco Bell restaurants in the Cyberslands starting serving Kraft Foods, Pepsi, Dr.Pepper and Coca-Cola products for beverages.



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