Orbitel-MBS Group, Inc. commonly known simply as Orbitel-MBS, is a Hisqish multinational mass media group based in the Orbitel Towers in Beraum, Kaintor, formed through the merger of Orbitel Communications, Inc. with the MBS Corporation in 1998.

Multimedia Corporation of Eusqainia




Orbitel Communications



MBS Corporation


Orbitel-MBS Group



Orbitel-MBS Group
Orbitel-MBS Group, Inc.
Orbitel Telecommunications:
Orbitel TV | Orbitel Mobile | Orbitel Interactive

Orbitel-MBS Television Group:
Free-to-air television networks: MBS | MyTV
MBS owned-and-operated stations:
MyTV owned-and-operated stations:
Free-to-air digital channels: MBS Club | MBS Más | MBS Mais

Orbitel-MBS Cable Networks:
English-speaking channels:
OTN | OTN Edge | OTN Classics | Reese TV1 | Glamnet1 | OMC | NASN | NASN2 | NASN360 | NASNU | NASNEX | LSE TV | MBS News Network | MBS News Business | Axtel1 | Axtel Magic1 | TMC | TMC Crush | TMC Top | TMC Party | TMC Street | TMC Greats

Spanish-speaking channels:
Red OTN | LCM | CDN | CDN2

Portuguese-speaking channels:
Rede OTN | Asulmundo Hisqaida

Eikaroth-speaking channels:
OTN Ikeriath

Orbit Entertaiment Group:
Orbit Pictures | Silver Hills Cinema | StudioHisqenia | Orbit Television Studios | Orbit Music Group

MBS Radio Group:
MBS News Radio | NASN Radio | Liquid FM | Mike FM | CDN Radio

MBS News Media | MBS Sports Group | Orbitel-MBS Worldwide | Selestar | ASB | Neustar (25%) | Spotvision | SelecTV | NET (60%) | Grupo Asulcabo (24,61%) | One | Gonghei Broadband Network (35%)

Corus Entertainment

1Joint-venture with Minaria Publishing House.

Orbitel-MBS Group


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