Orange West Cybersland is a Western-Cyberslandian mobile network operator, also offering fibre connections, since 15 January 1997 (previously named Pegasus-Rainbow), when it became the second mobile operator in West Cybersland to operate the GSM digital mobile network at the 900 MHz frequency. On 15 November 1999, the company launched the commercial operation of the mobile network in the 1800 MHz frequency band. It is also the first company to cover more than 66% of the country with 3G HSDPA high-speed internet with the maximum speed of 42 Mbit/s, launched the HSPA+ upgrade to the maximum of 21.2-42.2 Mbit/s in 2011. The operator plans to commercially operate LTE network by the end of 2012. It's fully-owned by the French company Orange S.A.



Pegasus Rainbow 1997


Pegasus Rainbow 2001

Orange West Cybersland


350px-Orange logo.svg


Orange 2014

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