Cybersland Freight (branded as OFreight) is a standard gauge freight railway system in the Cyberslands.

Cybersland Freight



It started out with 5 EMD SD40-2 locomotives, 7 EMD SD38-2 locomotives, 6 EMD SD45X locomotives, and one EMD SD28 locomotive, thus equalling 19 locomotives. The one EMD SD28 was repainted into the OFreight paint in 2015 after being in the 1994 paint since 1998. The now 5 locomotives EMD SD45X locomotives were repainted into OFreight paint in 2013 as the 6th one was restored into the original 1983 scheme and set aside for preservation and occasional Let's Save Lifes demonstrations.



In 1996, OFreight (then Cybersland Freight) aquired 2 EMD SD40-2 locomotives (built by Material y Construcciones S.A. (MACOSA) in Spain under license from EMD) from RFFSA (Rede Ferroviária Federal Sociedade Anônima) and converted it from Irish gauge (1,600 mm (5 ft 3 in)) to standard gauge (4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm)). The first one was patched, while the second was repainted into OFreight paint in 2009.




In 2011, it was a unique sight at some harbors to see former CSX, Norfolk Southern, and Union Pacific locomotives (mainly GE C39-8E, GE B30-7, EMD SD40, EMD GP40, GE B36-7, GE U18B, and EMD SD45 locomotives) being shipped over to the Cyberslands for OFreight. Later in 2012, OFreight purchased a broken and heavily graffitied GP9 (ex CR 7332) and brought it to the Cyberslands, and repaired it and repainted it.

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