Newsystem 86

NewSystem is an operating system made by CCG. This got used only in the version 1 and the version 2

NewSystem V1 (1986–1994)

Newsystem V1

NewSystem V2 (1988–1994)

Newsystem V2


Newsystem 90

This logo got used on the NewSystem 90 and the NewSystem Gold

NewSystem 90 (1990–1999)

Newsystem 90 OS

NewSystem Gold (1993–2000)

Newsystem gold


Newsystem 95

For the relase of the NewSystem Platinium, CCG started to use the iconic N in the circle (Quietly based on the 1990 logo)

NewSystem Platinium (1995–2006)

Newsystem platinium

NewSystem 2000 (1999–2006)

Newsystem 2000

NewSystem Delta (2001–2009)

Newsystem delta


Newsystem 2004

For the NewSystem X and the NewSystem Platinium 2, CCG switched the logo to 2D to 3D. Other notable changes are on the "N" and the wordmark

NewSystem X (2004–2010)

Newsystem X

NewSystem Platinium 2 (2006–2012)

Newsystem platinium 2


Newsystem 2009

Starting with the relase of the NewSystem Gamma in the 2009, CCG started to use this new logo. It is an remake of the 1995 logo with a new wordmark in Vag Rounded left to the logo

NewSystem Gamma (2009–Present)

Newsystem gamma

NewSystem Platinium 3 (2012–Present)

Newsystem platinium 3


Newsystem 2015

With the Newsystem Douze releasing in 2015, CCG announced the new modern logo, It is a lowercase "n" in the Light Blue Circle, with a new wordmark in Fedra Sans.

Newsystem Douze (2015)

Newsystem Douze

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