Monster Jam had it's first event in the Cyberslands at the Stadium at the Shores in Kokobuffs, New Tel Aviv, West Cybersland in 2006. The series has a event at Nick's Call Arena called "Viva Cyberslands: The Cyberslandian Bash of the Monster Trucks". The events are done in the Cyberslands by Feld Motor Sports and Feld Entertainment with the help of the Cyberslandian Circus, Extreme Sports Promotions, and LAZER Concerts.

Sometimes, the legendary Grave Digger is driven by Cyberslandian celebrities such as NASCAR Cyberslands champion racer Marcus Makadouralikisawera who drove Grave Digger #20 in the Cyberslands for the 2013 events, Top Gear Cyberslands' version of the mysterious Stig who drove Grave Digger #19 at the 2008 event at the Lickalock Auditorium, and NFL CyberBash League superstars Josh Mosen and Mike Mikeson, who drove Grave Digger trucks #19 and #20 at seperate events at the Maximum Arena and the Bleach Klaxon Athletics Centre in 2010.


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