On March 25, 2001, McDonald's launched a New Tastes Menu in all its U.S. restaurants, offering even more choice to customers with a craving for unique tastes and variety.

The debut of New Tastes Menu offered more than 40 new tastes, a number that is strongly increasing as new products are developed and added to McDonald's menu. Local markets select up to four menu items to be featured in their individual markets then rotate them with other selections throughout the year. New Tastes Menu, a permanent part of McDonald's menu, is the vehicle to showcase new national products, seasonal, regional and value-based menu items throughout the year.

"We're launching New Tastes Menu to give customers even more taste, variety and value at McDonald's. We're giving markets across the U.S. the flexibility to choose products that most appeal to their customers, everything from new sandwiches and breakfast items to snacks and desserts," said Alan Feldman, President, McDonald's USA. "Our Made For You cooking system, which is in place in all U.S. restaurants, makes this new initiative possible and allows us to elevate our food to the 'star' status it deserves."

Here are some of the items that appeared on McDonald's local menu boards during the first months of the New Tastes Menu, based on decisions made by local markets:

  • Big N' Tasty
  • Crispy Chicken McClub
  • BBQ Bacon Crispy Chicken
  • BBQ Bacon Chicken McGrill
  • McRib Jr.
  • Mighty Wings
  • Bacon Egg and Cheese Bagel
  • Cherry Pie
  • Arctic Orange Shake
  • Reese's Peanut Butter Cup McFlurry
  • Bacon Ranch Crispy Chicken
  • Avacado McChicken

The New Tastes Menu is still in place at all McDonald's restaurants in the Cyberslands as of May 2014 and now changes on the first Friday of every month to cater new and familiar tastes.


McDonald's New Tastes Menu logo 2001


New Tastes Menu logo 2004




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