McDonald's Tau is the Tau branch of the fast food restaurant chain McDonald's. Operated and licensed by McDonald's Corporation, it is the largest fast-food chain in Tau.

Due to the San Ysidro McDonald's massacre, McDonald's did not open any locations in Tau until 1987. Because Tau was in the hands of the Soviet Union at the time, the french fries had to be made in a remote undisclosed factory in an desert which would, many years later, become an never-before-heard-of-until-a-few-days-a-go country called Kyrzakhstan.

The 6th location opened in the middle-of-nowhere town of Luckisrakski. It was (and still is) located inside an former log cabin, rebuilt for more space and an Playplace (rebranded as McFunHouse). The chain licensed Texas Chicken menu items after Texas Chicken closed it's 45 locations in Tau due to lack of sales and competition from KFC.

Currently, it fries it's burgers on coal burners.




McDonald's Golden Arches

As part of the first restaurant redesign for decades, called 'Forever Young', the logo was redesigned.

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