Matamá do Sul Telecom, SGPS, S.A. (also known as MST) is the largest telecommunications service provider in South Matamah. Founded in 1994 with the merger of Telecom Matamá do Sul with Telecomunicações de Nova Gasdrópia e Porto Claro and Teledifusora do Matamá do Sul, it owns MST Comunicações (landline), Telesat (triple and quad play services), TMSM (mobile telephony), Suline (web portal and internet services), Moche (youth-targeted MVNO), Uzo (low-cost MVNO), Páginas Amarelas (yellow pages) and MST Empresas (corporate services). MST is majority-owned by the South Matamanian Federal Government.



MST 2000


Matamá do Sul Telecom
Home brands:
MST Comunicações | Telesat | TMSM | Suline | Moche | Uzo | Páginas Amarelas

Business brands:
MST Empresas | Telepac | MST Inovação e Sistemas

Other brands:
Fundação MST | MST ACS | MST Contact | MST Imobiliária | MST Wholesale | MST Casa Digital


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