La Torre (Italian for "the tower") is a Lammarese amusement park. Opened in 1989, it is located in Casteldelta, Nuova Ferrara.

The park is divided in four parts:

  • Thrill Land, contaning roller coasters, dark rides and water rides
  • Fantasia, containing calmer attractions, flat thrill rides (including Belvedere, an orbiting station lifted by a mechanic arm with an observation deck), kids' rides and a monorail
  • IntExpo, a large area that recreates a permanent world's fair; it contains 18 pavilions, each themed and dedicated to represent a specific country.
    • Lammari
    • Mexico
    • Nordmark
    • Guihe
    • Tarmany
    • Rimezia
    • Federated States
    • Motoyama
    • Morocco
    • Lorance
    • United Kingdom
    • Barachois
    • Austrenia
    • Breedveld
    • Latinreni
    • Khudayrah
    • Switzerland
    • Drussia
  • Centro Polivalente (Multipurpose Center), with a convention center (used for conventions such as LammaComics) and a theater.


La Torre