HotStream is a digital distribution service that contains streaming music, video on demand, play online games, shop music, movies TV shows, mobile/PC games, and books, etc. It was launched on February 2, 2007 for United States, United Kingdom, El Kadsre and Charlesland Republic, then later expanded countries including Australia, France, Canada, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Brazil, Philippines, Sweden, etc. It contains DRM protection to prevent piracy of music, movies, TV shows, games, etc. There are free or paid subscription options available.

2005-2007 (pre-launch)

The site was first started in May 2005 as alpha test, then beta testing in January 2006.


HotStream 2007

Launched in February 2, 2007. At the launch, HotStream only offers large amount of music, movies, TV shows, and some games for US, UK, and Charlesland Republic only.

2011-January 2013

HotStream 2011

The logo was changed with new Calibri font.

January 2013-November 2013

HotStream Jan2013

During 2013 website redesign, the logo became a single-colored yellow.

November 2013-2016

HotStream Nov2013

The logo updated with the new PLAY icon.


HotStream 2016

In February 2016, Updated logo with new Halis Rounded font.



HotStream 2007icon


HotStream Jan2013icon


HotStream 2013icon
HotStream 2013iconyellow

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