Hole in the Wall is a game show that airs on Game Show Network in the Cyberslands. This game show is an adaptation of the Japanese game Brain Wall (also known as "Human Tetris") in which players must contort themselves to fit through cutout holes of varying shapes in a large wall made of Styrofoam and E-glass (which is used to make some of the parts found on the International Space Station) moving towards them as they stand in front of a swimming pool. Each week, two teams of television personalities compete for over 9000 eruos in prize money to be donated to a chosen charity. It is produced by Valleycrest Productions, Mutant Enemy and FremantleMedia Cyberslands.

It is hosted by Lasca Macartaz of the East Cyberslandian Royal Family.

The show is shot in the small studios of TV Saireann, a local television channel in Saireann City.

US sport commentator Scott Douglas serves as announcer, replay commentator and the opening voice over announcer. The wall is activated by Lasca shouting "Here we go!".


Hole in the wall logo

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