The Cyberslandian co-production of Fraggle Rock started to air sooner after the UK, French, and German versions, and was broadcast on WCT1. The segments within the Muppet world of Fraggle Rock were the same as the American version, however the segments from outer space (i.e. the Doc & Sprocket and Traveling Matt segments) were changed to fit the Cyberslandian audience.

Fraggle Rock was underneath the Nuevo Alanta streets, with a sewer pipe connecting it to a pizza parlor, which had a flat over it. The pizza parlor was called, "Pizza for the Eyes", and was the home of Dr. Rice Pudding, a retired mad scientist and the Cyberslandian version of the Doc character, played by Scottish actor Sylvester McCoy, with Plasticine Pizza (Sprocket's Cyberslandian alter-ego). Richard Hunt helped to audition and train local puppeteers for the Cyberslandian co-production, most which came from Russia (then the Soviet Union) and the New Tel Aviv region.

Due to McCoy leaving to go back to the UK for other productions, Dr. Rice Pudding was replaced in the fourth Cyberslandian season by a pizza-loving man known as R.C.J (Rice Pudding Jr., Dr. Rice Pudding's nephew), played by Norman DuButt and was joined in the sixth Cyberslandian season by two characters, Cheese Pudding and Potato Pudding (Dr. Rice Pudding's sons), played by Zack Fluzaviki and Durde Waskcoff.

The Dr. Rice Pudding story-lines were different than the original North American version. One particular difference is that the Dr. Rice Pudding admires that Plasticine Pizza/Sprocket delivers pizzas on a hovercraft.



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