Family Television is a company that owns 6 channels. They are FTV 1, FTV 2, FTV 3, FTV 4, FTV 5, and FTV Horror (2, 3 and 5 are styled in their numbers)



The logos.


The AD, HD and +1 symbols. Note that the exlclamation mark is not on 1, 2, 4 and Horror.

This is a small section dedicated to the logos.

Scare Factors

One: 0%. It's safe.

Two: 5%. In "Monsters" there are some tigers mixed with bushbabys that scream.

Three: 1% It has a little fear, but ok.

Four: 50%. The wildwife idents have quite creepy sounds, and some scary animals, so a bit ok.

Five: 0%. It's a kids channel, and never adds scaryness in their idents.

Horror: 100%. "Horror" So, why not? Monsters, Screamers, ahhh the good stuff!