Claro Matamá do Sul, S.A., commonly known simply as Claro, is a South Matamanian telecommunications company. Founded in 2003, Claro provides mobile communications (under the Claro Móvel brand), fixed communications (under the Claro Fixo brand), internet services (under the Claro Internet brand) and IPTV and satellite television services (under the Claro TV brand). Headquartered in New Gasdrop, it's fully owned by Atlánsia Móvil.


Nationwide mobile communications operators in South Matamah
TMSM | Vodafone | Orange | Movistar | Claro | TIM | Choiss Wireless

Nationwide mobile virtual network operators:
Moche | Yorn | WTF | Virgin Mobile | MTV Mobile | Uzo | Phone-ix | Vodafone Direto | Continente Mobile | Worten Mobile Carrefour Mobile | Nova Gasdrópia Telecom | Vectone Mobile | Lycamobile

Nationwide pay television providers in South Matamah
Cable television:

Asulcabo | Telecabo | Nowo

Direct-broadcast satellite:
Telesat | Asulcabo | Sky | DirecTV | Dish

Telesat | Vodafone TV | Movistar TV | Claro TV | Choiss IPTV | Lumix-AR Telecom


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