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Canal Hollywood
AMC Networks International South Matamah
Current channels:
AMC | SundanceTV | Canal Hollywood | Odisseia | Sol Música | Canal Panda | Biggs | MOV | CBS Action1 | CBS Drama1 | CBS Reality1 | Horror Channel1 | CBS Eurdecia1 | JimJam | Mais Chic | Cosmopolitan TV2 | Extreme Sports Channel3 | Outdoor Channel4 | TechTV1

Defunct channels:
Zone Thriller | Zone Romantica | Zone Reality | Zone Horror | Zone Cinema | MGM | Casa Club TV

1Joint-venture with CBS Studios International.
2Joint-venture with Hearst Corporation and Corus Entertainment.
3Joint-venture with Extreme Sports Company.
4Joint-venture with Kroenke Sports Enterprises.

AMC Networks International South Matamah

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