Asulmundo Séries is a South Matamanian premium television channel dedicated to television series of all genres, broadcasting a few days after their premiere on Hisqaida and the United Republics of Atlansia. Launched in October 1st, 2011, it is part of the Canais Asulmundo and is owned by Grupo Asulcabo through Asulmundo Audiovisuais.




Asulmundo Series
Grupo Asulcabo, SGPS, S.A.
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OTN | Nova | Reese | Axtel | TMC | TMC Top | TMC Crush | TSF TV2 | MBS News World3 | Geia Network | Geia Wisdom | Glamnet | OTN Movies

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Asulmundo Premium | Asulmundo Gallery | Asulmundo Action | Asulmundo Happy | Asulmundo Séries

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Warner Asulmundo Cinemas4 | wÖw (25%) | Zap (30%) | Asulmundo Hisqaida5

1Joint-venture with Fon.
2Joint-venture with Global Notícias Media.
3Distribution only.
4Joint-venture with WarnerMedia.
5Joint-venture with Orbitel Holdings.