Acer Arena (also known by it's original name as SchoorBank Stadium or Acer/Nick's Call Arena), the fourth sports stadium in the Cyberslands and the baseball national arena of the Cyberslands, is a retractable roof multi-purpose stadium located next to a part of the Wallace Canal in SchoorBank, New Tel Aviv, West Cybersland, it opened in 1986 as SchoorBank Stadium, and was built on the site of a Nazi concentration camp (the jail block of the concentration camp is currently used as a strip plaza which contains a McDonald's, and a Jedenica, which is part of the stadium's open-air shopping center, The Shops at SchoorBank). It is home of the Cyberslandian national baseball team, the SchoorBank Madness of the NFL CyberBash League, and the New Tel Aviv Frogs and the East Cybersland Toads of MLS.

In 1998, the American animal rights organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) acquired the naming rights for 100 euros, renaming it PETA Arena. However, PETA was barred from protesting the fast-food restaurants in the Shops at SchoorBank by the Cyberslandian governments.

In 2008, PETA announced on 7 May, 2008 that it would donate its naming rights to Nick's Call, a nonprofit organization against rivalries of which PETA is a supporter. As such, the stadium was renamed Nick's Call Arena.

In 2015, when Nick's Call lost their naming rights, Acer acquired the naming rights for 100 euros (the same amount for Peta's naming rights acquiring), renaming it Acer Arena. However, Nick's Call will still support the arena's place in the Cyberslands and will fund it.


SchoorBank Stadium logo


PETA Arena logo


Nick's Call Arena logo


Acer Arena

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